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What's this?

GameFlow is a powerful extension for the Unity Editor that allows you to visually build programs to control the logic and effects of your games or applications. In other words, programming without coding.

What makes it special?

The fact that it is not the typical visual scripting tool in which you need to connect nodes with arrows. In GameFlow you just create easy-to-understand sequences of actions right on your GameObjects.

What can you do with it?

Anything. You will start by making simple programs for concrete uses but once you get how it works, you will be using it for quick prototyping, for Editor automation and ultimately to develop full games.


Event Programs

Create event-triggered sequences of actions.

State Machines

Define programs that will execute depending on the current state.


Control collisions or triggers, modify any property in Physics components.


Execute actions at regular time intervals easily.


Ready-to-use configurable prefabs for quick prototyping.


Easily localize any information in your game.

Flow Control

If, While, Loop, For… everything you need to program your game logic.


Full playback control of your game music and audio clips.


Manage and assign programs to Unity UI component.


Create and edit forces visually in the scene.


Associate hotkeys to your programs and execute them in Editor mode.


Invoke methods and access any variable exposed in your scripts.

Variables and Lists

Define variables and lists in the Editor and use them in your programs.


Control keyboard, mouse and joysticks easily.


Create and manage linear or curve paths.


Define rays and detect intersections with other objects in the scene.


Create editable values in the Inspector easily and without coding.


Easily define program variations for specific platforms.


Monster Maze (Steam) by 4 Fun Studio

Lands Afar by Jon Finlay
Ridicubous by Mel Walsinats
S.T.Y.X. by George Dziov
Nova NX01 by Mel Walsinats


An effective advanced prototyping and scripting tool

I was surprised at how good this was when I downloaded the demo. Quiet a few of these types of assets promise quick prototyping, no coding needed, and then it turns out that some coding is needed or at least a fairly deep understanding of how to put the logic together. Testing gameflow after getting it, this would appear to be the exception that proves the rule.

John Donovan

Really Good

I have purchased a lot of visual scripting assets and I keep coming back to this one. Because it’s WORKING.

Sylvain Demers

Great Product

I’ve spent a lot of money on these kinds of apps and I’ve always come away with a giant headache. NOT THIS TIME. This one is really nice. On top of that, the developer is super responsive. So, for the first time, I feel like I am really learning a lot about scripting.

Don Little

Definitely worth the money

The beauty of GameFlow, I believe is that it uses plain English to name the scripts; to find the distance between two objects, you just use the “Get Distance” script, to decrease the fuel level, you just use the “Decrement Variable Value” and a timer. In fact, it’s like a little toolbox of functions which you can add to each other to create quite complex procedures.

Jon Finlay

Very nice shortcut

By its nature it works pretty much seamlessly with just about any other visual scripting tool. If this product adds more actions and versatility to it, it’s definitely a must for anyone who wants to quickly get results, whether you know how to script or not. It’s just a way to do what you want very quickly. In other words, it’s a shortcut, and a great one at this price.

Jyri Nousiainen

Makes me feel like a coder

Gameflow truly is the best thing out there for non-coders like me. What I love is the support for stupid non-coder questions and the integration of the app with almost anything I throw at it.