In the year 2174 the quest for habitable planets has become a necessity for the survival of the human race. Starships manned by robots explore the universe in the search for planets similar to The Earth.

Your destination is the secret space base Hexa and your mission to train the latest exploration robot prototype, codenamed VIT, completing 18 training circuits full of obstacles and enemies in a frantic race against time that will put your skills to test.

Pilot your VIT unit through several training levels avoiding obstacles and enemies. Discover the shortcuts and find the fastest way to reach the goal.


“Vitrun winds up standing tall thanks to really nice graphics, fun gameplay, and hectic pacing, so even if the idea isn’t totally fresh, it’s done really well here.”


“In short, Vitrun is a nice game. I like the premise, the graphics and the gameplay. For only $1.99, this is a very fun game to play.”

Mac Informer

“With awesome 3D graphics and over 18 levels to tackle, you will get a nice few minutes out of this game each time you play.”